The Journey of An Inventor & Patenting Ideas – Part 2: Attributes, Attitudes & Actions

Published by Jared Kunz on

I could make a really long list of the attributes, attitudes and actions it takes to become an inventor or to continue as an inventor, but let’s start with my top ten:

  1. Tenacious or persistent
  2. Enthusiastic about innovation
  3. Calculated risk taker
  4. Good listener
  5. Not reactive/defensive
  6. Open to criticism / feedback
  7. Able to keep ideas to yourself
  8. Not afraid to fail / not afraid to succeed
  9. Generally optimistic
  10. Analytically minded / able to understand and author highly complex info

I plan to refine this blogpost over time. In the mean time, please leave me some comments or questions and feel free to take a look at the first patent I’ve worked on which is in patent pending and viewable on Google patents here:


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