about me

Hello, thank you for stopping by.

I’m a dad, a husband (and in order of my preference) an inventor, a creator/visual artist, an engineer, a musician and technical expert in aerospace, information security, cloud technologies and web3. My goal is to be like a Swiss Army knife, as my last name is Swiss. Great at a lot of things, truly great at just a few things, like being a great Dad, husband and consistently doing a great job at whatever I do.

The things that get me through the day are my family, my faith/religion (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). In general I just really like being helpful and providing useful information for people and especially providing help and benefits to my family and community. This has led me to write these tutorials and blogs regarding how to fix things and to share my personal life stories, journeys, adventures, etcetera.

Thank you for stopping by, reading and sharing the information here on my website. I work diligently to make this website a safe and enjoyable place to be. I also want it to be a highly accessible and fun experience and maybe at times a bit quirky, different and unique. If you have any ideas how I can improve this site or things I can write about, please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your ideas via the comments or my email jared@jaredkunz.com. Thank you,



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