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What happens in January 2021 when you ask Google “has radiohead ever made a video game?” Maybe this will change after I make this blogpost. I just tried again in August 2021. Still no results. But Google removes the quotes in order to find some results for you.

Here are the results from January 2021 compared to August 2021:

About 0 results (0.26 seconds) 

Search Results

The Thom Yorke game referred to is called Polyfauna. Sorry for the cut off screen grab. I will make an update of this post before too long. This is the first version of the article.

There is this:

That’s not to say there isn’t an interest in Radiohead making video games.

Nor is there lack of video game players in the band Radiohead. Its just that as far as we know, Radiohead are not video game designers. They have stuck to what they are best at. Making music.

A “Radiohead video game”, as mentioned there is a Thom Yorke video game.……/

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