Minecraft Dungeons Trials Not Resetting on Switch

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I overheard my son today doing the Minecraft Dungeons daily trials. He has not had the non resetting trials issue yet, but I’m waiting, any minute for it to happen. I was on the Minecraft Dungeons official discord today and I saw that someone found a fix when another gamer was having this issue as noted at 12:34pm today 9/18/2020. Before trying this fix, I recommend first trying some simpler fixes, basically just closing the game and restarting it as noted on this reddit:


If that doesn’t work, then either checking for corrupt data (see my tutorial here for how to check for corrupt data, redownload/install the game as done with regular Minecraft) https://jaredkunz.com/fixing-minecraft-marketplace-not-loading-on-nintendo-switch/

or trying this data archiving approach might work as a last ditch approach:

Discord user: Friendly Ditto – ShinyDitto18 wrote:

“and also my trials haven’t changed since yesterday… is there a way to make them change[?]”

Raybeano99 Today at 12:36 PM (responds):

@Friendly Ditto – ShinyDitto18 Might be this: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCD-4442

Raybeano99 Today at 12:40 PM:

They could try logging out of the Microsoft account from Main menu > settings > Game > configure online game > sign out Then signing back in

(A detailed tutorial about this login process step-by-step is here:


Chicken PowerLvl 114 Lvl 300 Today at 12:40 PM

I fixed the problem by archiving then redownloading dungeons
[12:41 PM]
I had the same problem last week

Chicken PowerLvl 114 Lvl 300 Today at 12:43 PM
Just archive it
Archiving saves the data but reinstall the game
Nothing will happen to your character

I hope one of these approaches work for you. If they do or if not please let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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