Maltodextrin – The Addictive Additive

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Lately I’ve been paying a lot closer attention to what I eat. One food additive I’ve noticed that is in almost all processed foods is called MALTODEXTRIN.

I recommend you be very careful eating too much food that contains this additive. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but from what I can tell, this additive raises your blood sugar/glucose level faster and higher than sugar itself because Maltodextrin is very high on the glycemic index (110) as shown in this chart, in fact its 10 points higher than plain old Sugar (Glucose):

The big trick that is being played upon us with Maltodextrin is well described in this book called “Hooked” by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael Moss as described in an “” article referenced at the end of this post:

” They use a nearly undetectable, highly processed starch derivative called Maltodextrin, which has the same addictive properties of sugar (it just doesn’t taste sweet). It’s foods with these types of processed starches that can shoot your glucose levels up, then almost immediately go back down, which “prods the brain into making more dopamine that calls upon us to look for more food,” writes Moss.”

In summary, watch out for Maltodextrin, what I refer to as the “Addictive Additive”. It will get you hooked. Have you ever joked with your friends, “wow what do they put in this burger or in this food? it’s like a drug!” In all likelihood, what you’re reacting to is Maltodextrin or a similar food additive. Just beware and look closer at the ingredients.

Once you take control of what goes into your body, you will have greater control over your body, your mind and your life. Eat well and prosper!

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