How to Find Your Audience

Published by Jared Kunz on

How to find your target audience using personas and product management best practices.

Lately Ive been thinking about this alot. I am going to delve into this more. So far my target audience has been to share “how-tos” and other info I find interesting with people like me.

I am going to think through this further and continue to update this post because I am taking some trainings on Product Management, personas, audience, etc, at my day job.

I believe the next great step for this site will be doing more posts aiming for a post every day, each a high quality post, and improving old posts each day, with a theme each day focused on my audience personas and my schedule.

For now, Monday or Moonday will be a wacky random post day, Tuesday will be a post related to culture, my beliefs, and diversity including food(Taco Tues??), Wednesday posts will be related to my passion/hobby projects, Thurs, Friday Im often busy so they might be simple “phoning it in” posts. Saturday are more how to passion/hobby posts and Sunday is a rest or religious/spiritual related post if any post at all.

For more ideas about this, check out this article:


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