How to build a Medieval Tower or Turret in Minecraft

Published by Jared Kunz on

Today I am walking you through the basic steps of building an epic Medieval Tower or Turret in Minecraft. I made my example using obsidian and polished deepslate in 1.17 beta snapshot 21ow8b. The final tower will look something like the above picture.

Let’s get started! First, just build the base seven by seven blocks (7×7) using the main material you will be using for most of the build (I started with Crying Obsidian then changed my mind so I just left the Crying Obsidian at the very bottom for fun. Do what you feel, see how it goes):

I accidentally did eight by seven, then I corrected it later. If you make mistakes, don’t worry, you can always fix it as you go. Next, you can put the first slab blocks around to make sure you did seven by seven. If you can’t put one slab in the middle on each side then you know your blocks are off:

Now start building your walls up about 12 blocks high and five blocks wide on each side, a little bit like a this:

Then build the ornamental corners up about seven blocks high like this, adding the stairs of the material you choose, like so (there are no obsidian stairs, unless you find a mod that allows it like Enhanced Portals or something):

As you build the walls, you probably want some “windows” or “arrow loops” if you’re building a turret, where your archers can shoot attackers and also stay protected:

Make these windows/arrow loops by removing two blocks from the walls then add a slab on the bottom and top half of the removed blocks.

You next want to start adding the floors/levels where your solders will stand and shoot through the windows/arrow loops. You can add almost as many floors as will fit, but if you add to many windows then the thing will look ugly from the outside. You also will need to use a ladder to move yourself up and down the tower in survival mode, since having a staircase in this size of a build isn’t going to fit. You might want some torches inside the tower or other light source. Your call.

Add some spruce fence posts underneath the parapet blocks, in order to “spruce” things up a bit. Pun intended.

Now to start building the top “parapets” of the tower. Using five more blocks on all four sides then slabs on top and upside down stair case bricks of some kind underneath, i.e. in this case I used polished deepslate bricks:

And if all went well, you’ve got an awesome tower or turret that looks something like this!!! Congrats!!


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