How to Become a Pro Speedrunner in 3 Steps (or Even Just a Respectable/Decent Speedrunner)

Published by Jared Kunz on

Step One: Pick a Game or Two You are REALLY Good at or You REALLY Enjoy Playing

Recently I started getting into speedrunning, although truth-be-told, I am an old school “speedrunner” / eSports player, as I was a semi-finalist in the Nintendo World Championships when I was a kid, growing up in Utah, near Salt Lake City.

Lately I’ve been learning how to speedrun The Legend of Zelda, one of my all time favorite games and it’s been really fun! I am not going for any world records, although that might be cool, if I keep practicing, maybe I will set some world records in some games (likelyI won’t beat the Zelda 1 speedrun WR any time soon as that game is already speedrun down to 27 mins as seen in this screen shot below).

Step Two: Become a Part of the Speedrunning Communities (Even if You’re just kinda Lurking for a Time)

The main speedrun communities I recommend checking out are and games done quick(GDQ). They have great websites and youtube channel content, also Twitch videos (I have included a few more links you can check out at the end of this blog article).

Step Three: Learn How to Master the Game(s) You Want to Speedrun with Daily Practice and Learning

Finally, you should get the game in the format you want to practice and just practice each step of the speed run everyday. There are great places on where you can find who are the current world record (WR) holders. You can view the current WR videos which will help you figure out the detailed steps of each speed run. There are even some detailed guides on and youtube. I’m thinking of creating some step-by-step speedrun tutorials and guides as I get better. Watching GDQ you can support the good causes they support. Yes speedrunning/playing video games can actually help people!!

In closing, here are some links to great resources mentioned in this article and they can help you get going on your speedrunning journey. If you have any recommendations to help me improve this article, or other questions, etc, drop me a comment. GL HF DD!


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