DIY CPAP Mask, Hose, Tank Cleaning System on a Budget

Published by Jared Kunz on

After much thought, I have found a simpler and more affordable way to clean my CPAP gear.

First you will need a nice clean container large enough to hold all your CPAP gear, i.e. hose, mask, tank, etc:

You can get the same type of rubbermaid tupperware I use, here on amazon (via my Amazon associates URL):

Rubbermaid Home Cereal Keeper Clear/ Red (1.5 Gal) – 1783748

Step Two: Get your favorite soap you usually use for cleaning your mask and other CPAP items:

Step Three: Place the CPAP mask and other gear in the container in a way that the tubing is angled up towards the top of the container. Depending upon how long ago you cleaned the items, you might decide to wash the cloth pieces or not. They take a little longer to dry out, unless you have a hair dryer.

Step Four: Put a drop of soap in each of the items so the soap gets in locally to make sure things get cleansed properly.

Step Five: Place all items in the container once they have some soap in local areas. Usually the opening of the tubing is best placed so it’s accessible towards the opening of the lid of the container so you can run water through the system.

Step Six: Fill a little more soap in any parts you wish in case you forgot something.

Step Seven: Poor in the water, letting it run for a few minutes as you read stuff on your phone or multi-task. This is the fun part.

Step Eight: Shake the container or rotate it to help the soap get through the system better. Let it sit for 1-2 hours or just leave it in case you forget, no rush.

Step Nine: Empty the soapy water out, and then rinse it once or twice more with clean water until all the soapy water is gone. If you’re worried about saving water you can plug your tub and keep the water for your bath or something. I find this method of cleaning the mask makes it really thoroughly clean for almost a week so I don’t have to clean it as often.

Last step, drain the water, shake out the items, hang them to dry, then re-assemble. You didn’t have to do any scrubbing or any detailed hand work of the items. You basically just put them in the container, added soap, let it sit, agitated it a bit, rinsed it out, then let it dry and re-assembled. The time and cleansing action of the soap and water did the detail work of making sure any smell or invisible mold or other residue gathering in your mask was no longer there after the nice easy wash process.

It’s not as simple as a $300 Ozone “So Clean” machine or UV light machine cleaner, yet it’s a lot cheaper and almost as easy and it cleans just as well.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. If not, feel free to let me know. If you did like it, drop me a comment. Thank you!

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