Boba Fett: 10 Reasons Why He’s a Great Character

Published by Jared Kunz on

Here is an analysis of Boba Fett and 10 reasons why he is such a great character.

  1. Relatable Personlity – quiet, doesnt say much, battle scars, etc
  2. Knight/Midevilesque helmet and armor
  3. Air of mystery
  4. Life is cut short
  5. Multifaceted -So many weapons, skills
  6. Source of Clones -We can relate to feeling like clones
  7. Looks robotic or a cyborg – We as society have feelings of fear, excitement of cyborg robotic integration, AI fears
  8. Can fly – Many Humans want to fly
  9. Hes a cool Dad
  10. Overall he just looks awesome, has a unique design, aesthetic, etc.

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