23 Ways to Fix Technology

Published by Jared Kunz on

23-Reboot or restart

22-Recharge, check power connection

21-Reinstall, clean install

20-System Update or roll back versions

19-Update drivers

18-Logout, log back in

17-Check internet wired connections or wireless, turn off airplane mode

16-Unplug all plugs, replug, to release electric charge static build up aka “flea power”*

15-Test components individually and with least connections to troubleshoot

14-look for visible damage or burns, smoke, dust build up

13- Clean tech with rubbing alcohol while unplugged

12-Keep tech away from water and moisture

11-Dont put magnets or other devices too close

10-Dont daisy chain surge protectors.

09-Setup daily, weekly, monthly backups to drives and cloud and try restoring backups regularly

08-Keep rooms dust free

07-Use antivirus software

06-Dont visit sketchy sites

05-Dont share passwords

04-Use a password manager witb 2factor on all sites and a hard copy of mastercodes

03–Use tech for good purposes

02-Dont yell or abuse technology

01- Keep calm buy a new device or tech, if all else fails

*flea power reference


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