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Hello Friends! Jaredkunz.com is where you can come to get help with tutorials and design services.  I am going to be adding more tutorials and reference over time.  Also I can provide other design and consulting services such as for your software projects, logos, branding, website design and animation.  At jaredkunz.com we specialize in data architecture, data analytics/machine learning, traditional art, digital art, pixel art, theatrical productions and a plethora of other design work.  If you think we might be interested based on what you’ve seen from our website and portfolio of past, present and future projects, please reach out to me for a discussion and to request a quote.

In general, here are the categories of tutorials and different level of design service offerings we provide so you have an idea of what to expect (also, please check out my tutorials, and portfolio pages):

Video Processing & Editing, Music Editing, Mixing & Mastering, Drawing, Painting & Pixel Art, Data Analytics & Machine Learning Tutorials.

Black and white sketches, concepts, can include commissioned drawings, portraits, this is the lowest cost service

Full Color designs, concepts, artwork, commissions, can include portrait painting, figure painting, this is the next tier service

3D design, concepts, artwork, commissions, this is the next tier up.

Traditional animation, this is full hand drawn traditional “2-D” animation – depending upon the length of the animation and how much color/painting digital or traditional is involved and how lifelike the animation should be, this will require a longer lead time,

3D Animation/Visual FX – This is fully rendered computer generated animation, but it requires lots of up front design, research, as well as long hours to properly provide you with a realistic end product that does justice to the subject matter.  This is the most expensive service we offer and requires the longest lead time, most customer involvement.

Film, short, web (e.g. youtube, etc) or feature length – Currently at jaredkunz.com we are working more in this area and we are interested in taking on these type of projects.

You can reach me at jared@jaredkunz.com and I’ll provide you more info so we can go from there.

Thank you, sincerely, Jared Kunz

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